The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


How You Can Support Us

Your generous contribution will be used to support the ISTAuk™ humanitarian and spiritual upliftment programs & projects, including: spiritual satsangs explaining the highest truth of God, Life and Creation; spiritual education in your local community and around the world (for generating true spiritual awareness for all sincere seekers of spiritual truth); special national events & regional programs providing useful information and beneficial practices to all enquirers of spiritual Truth; and finally, construction of the ISTAxx™ Centres around the world, that help to spread the real truth about spirituality, rather than preaching dogma or misrepresented truths about the Absolute Truth of God, Life & Creation. For this, we are eternally grateful. May your gift (donation) be reward with countless blessings from the Supreme Lord, our true origin.


The Issue Right Now

During the Covid 19 pandemic, ISTAuk™️ has been carrying out some of its services e.g., recording Satsangs via an audio recording and sending them out to its email subscribers. ISTAuk™️ wants to officially open its doors to the public in January 2022 so visitors can fully access all that it has to offer.

Before the doors are open ISTAuk™️ must ensure the building itself and surrounding areas are Health & Safety compliant. A recent Health & Safety reappraisal highlighted that ISTAuk™️ needs to put right its driveway / grounds – it needs resurfacing. To be specific a resin gravel resurfacing compound that is nonslip, does not crack or deteriorate over a period needs to be laid down.

Currently the ground will not pass Health & Safety laws because it poses a threat to those who walk on it. Someone can slip, catch their foot, twist their ankle on a pothole or uneven surface.

So far £9000 has been raised, but a further £9000 is needed to complete the work and make ISTAuk™️ compliant with Health & Safety regulations. It will then be safe to open its doors to the public. The day of opening ISTAuk™️ to the public will be a historic day, as it will set in motion the centre being the flagship centre of ISTAuk™️ – many more centres will be developed around the world as the years go by.

You can donate money by going to the ISTAuk™️ gofundme page, use this link:

Please note the following:

*gofundme sets a tip of 12% as default. To avoid this, when making your donation, click on the down arrow and select ‘none’, then enter ‘0’ and press ok.

Building Projects

♦ ISTAuk™ Centre

♦ ISTAth™ (Thailand Centre)

If you would like to support ISTAuk™, please make a donation by clicking on the PayPal link below and selecting the amount you wish to donate. All donations will be officially recorded and entered into the historic register that will be kept for the next few hundred years.


General Donations

ISTAuk™ is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of providing high spiritual truth, educational materials and truly verifiable guidance to individuals and other organizations. One may also contribute towards printing the series of books, titled, “The Sacred Truth Of God, Life and Creation – Holy Revelations For The Modern Age” (Volumes 1-9), compiled/authored by ‘The Monk With No Name’.

Please note: Your donation will be handled by an assigned Treasurer on behalf of ISTAuk™, who will be named on your bank or credit card statement in case of any query or error. Should you have such a query, please email the Treasurer, via the contact details provided. Thank you once again for your kind support.

You can donate using a Paypal Account, Debit or Credit Card. Please donate using whole GB pounds sterling only, and follow the instructions below…

◊ Donation for ISTAuk™ Humanitarian and Spiritual Development Projects…

◊ We accept donations between £10 – £10,000.

Thank You For Your Support

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