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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by truth seekers from around the world, and from various backgrounds:

Why Should We Seek The Highest Truth?

The most obvious and prevalent reason for wanting, or indeed, needing to seek our own high Truth is that this world, which we cherish so much as our home today, is not our true home. Why? Because our true self (the soul), is not born of this world – only the physical covering of the body is made from the dust of this world and will soon return to that dust. This world, therefore, as wonderful as it appears to our senses, is only a temporary sojourn during our great adventure in Creation, till we return back to our true home in the Kingdom of God (Parinirvana or Supreme Consciousness). The proof that we do not permanently live here is the death that we see all around us. No one lives here forever – and even this world will not exist forever – yet our true self (the soul) can exist eternally. Knowing this, why would anyone not want to seek their permanent true home, or not even be curious about it, while still enjoying, or undergoing, their own adventure in this temporary world. Indeed, by pursuing both, it’s a win win for all. Deep down, every one of us, no matter what we have, or do not have, in this world, feels that something is missing. Just ask anyone around you if they are truly and completely satisfied with their lot here on Earth. I guarantee that not one person, whether king or pauper, would say “yes I am truly satisfied and seek nothing more”. In truth we are constantly restless, searching for something more fulfilling, without even knowing what that is, which is why we often land into trouble by experimenting with technology, lust, greed, wealth, power, status, drugs, cultism, etc. Only a rare few seek the high Truth, because their higher awareness is that much greater than in others. And that may apply to you too…

The next reason for pursuing higher Truth is that life here on Earth, for most human beings (80%+ according to the statistics) is filled with suffering, uncertainty/confusion, ignorance and pain – intermingled with periods of perceived happiness, that mentally, and even physically at times, torment us throughout our life. A thought must then arise within us that surely there must be something better than this? And why is the world so unfair, where the powerful and the wealthy enjoy more privilege than other human beings, and even ruthlessly amass or protect their wealth, to the detriment of others? Why should human beings live in a society where wealth and power are considered more important than human life? These are all valid points, but most of those who dare to ask these questions, do not come into contact with those who are enlightened, or do not pay attention to their teachings, and so often pursue the path of envy, hatred, immorality or self-harm, just to cope with it all. Sadly, this happens, and increasingly so in the modern age, because human beings, by nature, are fearful, skeptical, impatient, and easily biased towards the majority view (herd-like mentality), even if that view is based upon ignorance. Indeed, this behaviour is a very curious thing to witness by those who dare to be different, and thus become even a little more enlightened than those who reside in spiritual darkness.

The final reason for seeking the high Truth of the self, and of God, is very simple, and is one that is not in our hands. It’s called destiny or grace from the Lord. At the allotted time, the Lord simply intervenes and places within a prospective disciple the feeling of seeking higher knowledge, higher truth or higher wisdom. Thus, one has nothing to do with this part of it, for it is Divinely inspired, regardless of what one may be doing at that time. This is why we hear so many stories of a villain becoming a saint, or an unworthy one becoming enlightened, and so on… We see nothing, or very little, in their current life to justify such merit, yet there it is: The Divine transformation of a sinner into a saint. Indeed, this happens more often than we realise, and brings the most colourful disciples onto the path of the Holy Truth, at any time in their life – just to prove to the egotists that the Lord is the benefactor of grace and Truth and not the endeavours of one’s ego.

(Taken from the book entitled ‘The Sacred Truth of God, Life & Creation’ written & compiled by ‘The Monk With No Name’. Page 104)

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If One Does Not Believe In God or Seek The Holy Truth - Is There a Consequence?

It’s about what happens to those, after death, who did not try to seek the real Truth, during their human lifetime, or for those, who having found that Truth, simply ignored it, by favouring to indulge in their bad traits & weaknesses, or who misused their knowledge for personal and selfish gains, when they should have known better – all, without sincere regret or remorse. This warning also applies to all those who believe that their ego, or their ‘I’, is their true God, and so they can do whatever they wish, without consequence, however big or small, simply because it pleases them; thus either causing harm to others, and/or our planet, or disrespecting the privilege of their precious human birth.

This revelation is about the role of the Negative Power, who tests the souls of Lower Creation, and relates to a personal witnessing of the actual existence of the vast & shocking, “hell” regions, that lay beyond our physical realm, where countless beings, from all parts of the universe, including many well-known historic figures and past celebrities, from around this world, reside in absolute misery or torture – the full horror of which cannot be imagined – and often for things which we would consider to be fairly minor sins here on Earth. It just confirms that Divine Law or karmic justice is much more intricate & strict than our worldly laws; and what I witnessed was truly shocking, yet indeed, very real…

So for those who are serious about knowing the full Truth of Creation, lets now consider an important question, which is: What thoughts & deeds does the Supreme Lord consider qualifies for a time, or an eternity, of suffering and damnation in the regions of ‘hell’, after death – in order to forcibly change one’s acquired habits, from that of immoral/wicked thinking, to a more virtuous way – which is actually part of the cleansing process for the mind, since they didn’t respond to gentle persuasion while alive in human form?

The list that I shall provide today is by no means exhaustive… but gives a good idea of what Divine Law, considers to be a sin that warrants hellish retribution in order for the mind/senses to be cleansed, following which, they can continue to evolve, spiritually, upon their next visit here on Earth, or indeed, elsewhere, if merited or required.

Now, apart from the obvious deeds, such as killing other beings, wilful cruelty to others, or causing harm or destruction to the planet or the people of the Earth; such as through inciting wars, corruption, or mass pollution, dishonouring or harming one’s parents, stealing from or harming the Holy Masters, monks or nuns, etc., that automatically warrant eternal hell, there are many other thoughts & deeds, that are included by the Lord, as crimes against the Natural Laws that govern the privilege of human life.

Chief among them is the killing or torture of animals for food or for sport, practised by those who do not respect other life forms in Creation. By readily eating sentient beings (animals of any kind) and killing insects mercilessly, they will have go to hell where they will experience directly, the exact level of suffering of each of the creatures they killed or ate – especially if they do not sincerely repent by the end of their life, or even immediately upon hearing about the Holy Truth. All religions teach the fundamental law of non-violence and not killing other sentient beings for any reason.

Next comes those who obstruct the mission of the Holy Ones during their time on Earth, either directly – through physical actions / disturbances – or indirectly through condemning the speakers of the Holy Truth, etc, in order to satisfy their pride of ego that they are better than those who teach the Truth and that they don’t need God in their life – or even fiercely declaring, publicly, that they don’t believe in God, saying it is all nonsense, etc. in order to influence others to stop seeking the Holy Truth. It also includes all other forms of obstruction designed to prevent sincere seekers from finding the truth for themselves. It similarly includes all those who actively incite religious hatred & violence by claiming it is the Will of God and that their religion or belief is better than others. For this, they too shall go to hell and will have to suffer all the misery they have caused, directly or indirectly, to each individual whom they have harmed, or obstructed; including having to suffer for those who continued to sin, in ignorance, as a result of not being able to pursue higher truth, due to these actions.

Next comes those who lie, gossip, cheat or betray others for their selfish gains, causing great misery to their victims; for which, unless they seek forgiveness from their victims, they will surely go to hell where they will be forced to experience the same misery they have caused to each and every individual for as long as the effects lasted; maybe for an entire lifetime even.

Now for those who keenly seek the counsel of mediums, psychics or spirits, etc., or use spiritual charms & witchcraft to benefit their worldly life, and so, do not rely upon, or have faith in, God, above these things, they too will go to hell and be placed in miserable isolation and darkness, without hope of release, and be tormented by the same spirits and phenomena from whom they sought help, since all these spirits & powers are from Kal (the Negative Power), who trick souls to turn away from God and to trust in them instead; while the mediums, psychics, clairvoyants and spiritual healers, themselves, who unquestioningly believe in, and even worship, their guiding spirits or powers, will suffer an even worse fate.

The next category are those who willingly indulge in promiscuity, prostitution and adultery, or those who use their good looks and vanity, to seduce others or charm others into following their will, for selfish gains, or use gambling for selfish pleasure. For this they will also go to hell and have to suffer the same abuse / misery they caused others, but in a much more grotesque way.

The final serious category of offences against the Divine Law, that warrants actual hell retribution, are those who worship money, fame and worldly pleasures, in place of God or noble living, and do not change their ways by the time of their death, or did not use their good fortunate to benefit others who are less fortunate, but instead cunningly kept hold of it all, for their purely selfish whims. Neither did they fairly share out their greater wealth, to benefit society at large, as gratitude for their personal success, that’s often obtained via the toil & sweat of the people they employed, who may also feel aggrieved at their poor wages, or treatment, etc, or is obtained via their customers, through likely unfair payment demands or charges. For this they shall go to hell and have to live out the misery of the selfishness and suffering they have caused others in order to line their own pockets and selfishly enjoy themselves…

Ok, now let’s briefly examine the lessor categories of sin against the Natural Law of Karma, that results in the need for punitive correction of these habits, through undergoing their consequences.

Those who watch morally offensive films or shows, emphasising violence, foul language, horror, pornography, defamation, etc, or those shows that promote immoral / bad behaviours, such as high gambling, sexual misconduct, vanity, greed for wealth & power, gluttony, hatred & revenge, jealousy, and the eating of flesh or the taking & enjoying of all manner of drugs & alcohol, as well as the enjoyment of immoral, seductive or aggressive music, or of shows depicting the worst traits of humanity – and also, take delight in them – will have to suffer hellish retribution for this false pleasure in an equal measure of pain & misery, as if they had actually wished for all those things they had watched and enjoyed.

Now for those who speak offensively to others, or who judge or treat others as inferior than themselves, or even curse those more fortunate than they are, then, they will have to suffer for this too. Thus they shall be judged and humiliated in equal measure for each individual they have offended, and so will be sent away to a place of misfortunes that will largely terrorise them.

Next, are all selfish acts performed at the expense of others, without remorse or wanting to change by the time of their death, upon which they will be met with equal suffering (measure for measure), in a hellish region until they are cleansed. Then, they will be reborn, in an appropriate form that accords with the level of consciousness they have attained during their life, in order to pay back their dues – thus suffering the result of others’ selfish acts as retribution – whether in plant, animal or human form.

And finally, a further sin, not understood by most human beings, but considered a serious crime by the Lord, that also merits a period of hellish suffering, is to waste this precious human life in trivial pursuits, animalistic behaviour or personal abuse, and not in using the gifts of intellect & reasoning to seek the higher truth of one’s origin and existence. Should one follow this base line of living, without regret, then even if no other crime is committed, they will still have to enter a minor hell to suffer the consequences of darkness, ignorance and fear, for a specified period of time, till they sincerely repent and change their attitude, upon which, they will be granted another chance, though they may have to be reborn into a lower species and work their way back up to human status – hopefully before the world ends and their opportunity is lost.

I will now complete this sorrowful section by explaining one more fact – specifically concerning ‘karmic retribution’ for those who are seekers of the Holy Truth/God, or are true followers/practitioners of a religion, spiritual path or similar, and thus, should know better – yet continue to sin, and do not sincerely repent…

Because they know about God or have been put on a spiritual Path, yet continue to sin, as specified above, they will have to suffer 10-fold for the same sins (thoughts & deeds) in comparison to the ignorant / unknowing ones; or an even worse fate, for those who falsely promote themselves as Masters, Saints or Prophets, for their ego’s sake, as they should know better. Now for those who have been ‘accepted’ by a living Holy Master, they will not visit hell, no matter what they have done in the past, in ignorance, though they will still suffer for their sins. What’s more, Holy Masters all say this about true salvation versus the promises of false gurus / saints / spiritual teachers etc., who are not enlightened: “Those who give an assurance of salvation only after death are cheats and charlatans. Who has ever come after death to give us evidence of their salvation? Hence, salvation is only of true value if it is attained now, while living in the human body. Even the incarnations of gods and goddesses, angels and spirits are within the bounds of this holy law.” So beware of those who give false promises.

(Taken from the book entitled ‘The Sacred Truth of God, Life & Creation’ written & compiled by ‘The Monk With No Name’. Page 197.)

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Why Do Many Religions/Holy Books Exist, If The Truth Is Only One?

Unfortunately, although universal, the past teachings that were recorded in the Holy Books, also reflected the times & the cultures of the peoples visited, and so, were often elaborated upon through stories, parables & metaphors, as examples, just to help further explain the Holy Teachings, in a way that the local people could relate to. They were not given for literal interpretation: Just as if I said to you now, that this morning it was raining ‘cats & dogs’ – I don’t mean it, literally, it’s only an expression – or if I call myself a messenger of God, a servant of God, a son of God, or a Prophet, etc. – this is only to convey the level of connection I have with God, and so, is just an expression too, for we are all sons & daughters of God, who is our ultimate Creator-Father, but we are simply unenlightened sons & daughters, meaning, we don’t know who we really are, so we play in ignorance here; like an actor playing our part in the greatest show on Earth – which is in fact, God’s own Show – while Holy Masters and enlightened disciples know different, of course!

You see, we humans base our understanding on human interactions & experiences, which are mostly limited to the material plane. So God’s Holy Representatives have to try to explain high spiritual teaching, that is actually beyond our comprehension, to our level of understanding, and so They always use the language & examples known to the people at the time. So this is where the differences lay, among religious texts, not in the fundamentals, mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, there was no formal teaching given, in a prescribed manner, by most Holy Masters of the past – such as having a scribe ready with his pen, to record every detail. It wasn’t like that at all. The main teachings that many rely upon today, as written in the Holy Books, are in truth, mere human records of conversations & sermons given between Masters and Their disciples, or to those listening at the time, that was then simply entrusted to memory for up to a whole generation. What’s more, none of the past great Masters founded any religion during their lifetime, nor did they create any rituals or ceremonies to follow; they only gave spiritual teaching, most of which, as just explained, was not written down at the time, but was committed to memory, often as a secret, and then finally recorded, a generation or so later, in the writings we call, the ‘Holy’ Books, when the threats of severe reprisals no longer existed.

Now as you can imagine, although Divinely inspired when originally spoken, the level of accuracy of the later recordings, which were taken primarily from word of mouth recollection, a whole generation or more later, coupled with successive interpretations and translations, have resulted in the contents of the Holy Books we know today, despite the myths otherwise. This is historic fact. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to know, what was actually spoken at the time, and in what manner it was said, as opposed to what was perceived by the eventual recorder, much later on, and then further lost, in many cases, through successive translations & interpretations.

Sadly, apart from Sikhism, Quan Yin & Sant Mat, all the great religions of today are affected by this, in one form or another, despite the protests by some followers otherwise, who believe every word of a particular holy book as if it were spoken and then recorded immediately and accurately. What they may not realise is that even their own historians & scholars, backed by archeological evidence, admit that these recollections of the original spiritual messages, imparted to the local people at the time, often using stories and metaphors, were not immediately recorded – not even by the next day or the next week. They were, in actual fact, officially recorded a generation or more later (that’s around 70+ years), according to accepted historical evidence. What’s more, in most cases the process is still ongoing, with modern interpretations being sought by scholarly individuals, rather than by spiritually-inspired beings. If that wasn’t problem enough, then there is the fact that, in most cases, several versions of their Holy Book exists today. So which one would you follow and who should you rely upon to interpret the teachings correctly?

It all seems very confusing for a true spiritual aspirant. This is why, in every age, Holy Masters descend to our level, directly from God, to clear up the misunderstandings of each generation, by giving the correct teachings, directly, to sincere spiritual seekers of the time, as well as blessing them with access to the highest heaven. However, and contrary to popular belief, true Holy Masters do not come here to save everyone; that is simply a myth propagated by scholars, not by the Holy Masters themselves, for they only come for those souls whom our heavenly Father, the 5th Supreme Lord, has marked for Their care. What’s more, there may be more than one Holy Master operating at any time, in different parts of the world, for different communities – though only one may come to public attention – as was often the case, historically, due to some political or social unrest, or even disciple ambitions. And, as is naturally the case, each community who received the Holy Teachings would record, either verbally or in text, the messages left by their particular Holy Master, for future generations. Historically, however, very few could read or write, so the spiritual teachings were mainly recorded verbally. But in recent times, this priceless information, imparted by, for example, the Holy Masters of Sant Mat or of Quan Yin, are mostly recorded accurately, both electronically and in text, and so give a better account of the actual spiritual Truth, etc., than the disciples of many historic religions were able to record. Furthermore, the only reason why some Holy Masters become internationally known, whilst others remain local, or even obscure, greatly depends on the nature and ambition of the people They visit – it’s certainly not encouraged by the Masters Themselves. What’s more, sometimes, because of political or economic reasons, or the collective karma of the people of that country, this doesn’t allow a Master’s teachings to be continued there. Thus, it moves on to develop in another place.

(Taken from the book entitled ‘The Sacred Truth of God, Life & Creation’ written & compiled by The Monk With No Name. Page 68).

For further reading refer to the Books tab.

What Is Karma?

From the Sanskrit term, meaning, “act”, “action”, “work” or “deed”. The term denotes a highly complex system of actions and reactions that weave a ceaseless chain of cause and effect that can result from a simple thoughtless thought, an inadvertently uttered word or an unintended deed to the intentional and purposeful thoughts, words and deeds that colour human existence – for each of these has a potential to fructify, according to their degree or merit, not only in this lifetime but in lives to come; though one may, in blessed forgetfulness or ignorance, fail to find the links for each of them and so call it all “mere chance”. In religion, Karma is the concept of “action” or “deed”, as explained in the Dharmic (rightful duty) religions, which denotes the entire cycle of cause and effect, described in Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Sant Mat, Quan Yin and Buddhist philosophies. The effects of all previous and current thoughts, words & deeds actively create past, present and future experiences, respectively, thus conceptually making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to themselves and others. Quite simply, good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering. Thus, the law of karma necessitates the soul’s reincarnation, along with its accompanying mind, for retribution, so that it can pay the debt for, collect reward for, or “balance out” the misuses of one’s previous life, energy and thoughts. In actual fact, however, karma only relates to the mind and not the soul, for the soul is pure and perfect, while the mind is a created temporary identity that is playing a chosen role (character) in Creation, as part of the Lord’s, and soul’s, fondness for drama. This is why Holy Masters, Saints or Prophets descend to Earth to teach humankind the way out of this Creation drama, back to God or Nirvana, for eternal peace, love and bliss.

(Taken from the book entitled ‘The Sacred Truth of God, Life & Creation’ written & compiled by ‘The Monk With No Name’.  Glossary section.)

For further reading refer to the Books tab.

How & When Did Humans Originate?

Contrary to popular belief, that modern humans evolved from ape-like hominids, over a vast period of time (6 million years or so), and that truly ‘modern’ humans began to appear in far East Africa, possibly 120,000 yrs ago – as direct descendants of specific ape-like hominids – recent research shows that our actual genetic version of human being, appeared abruptly around 230,000 yrs ago (fair first wave), and then again around 70,000 years ago (dark modern wave), in South/ East Africa, and that we have continued to ‘evolve’ since then. But, most interestingly, we are, in fact, genetically & anatomically unlike any other animal species on Earth? Furthermore, new geological and archaeological evidence shows that some form of ‘modern-like’ humans (the term used by scientists to explain an intelligent & anatomically modern human population), of some description, actually existed from as early as around 50 million years ago (during the Eocene Epoch, in geological terms). What’s more,‘human-like’ visitors have appeared on Earth, from as early as 2 billion years ago (during the Orosirian Period onward) – well before the dinosaurs, or even any other type of animal, existed! Indeed, several mysterious ancient artefacts & fossils, clearly show, that modern humans, or human-like visitors, have been recorded in existence, all throughout the geological ages, up to the present day. Now, as astonishing as this may seem, it is not surprising to those who are spiritually enlightened. Indeed, Holy Masters tell us that human beings are not alone in this vast universe, and that we have actually undergone ‘cycles’ of change & existence, here on Earth, countless times… Let me explain…

These great cycles are termed: Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), Dwarpar Yuga (Bronze Age) and Kali Yuga (Dark Age). Each Yuga (3000 yr Age) relates to humankind’s evolved state of mind and consciousness at that time – with the ‘Golden Age’ being characterised by the prevalence of spiritually evolved / saintly human beings (able to reach the top 2nd Realm), and the ‘Dark Age’ being characterised by the predominance of unenlightened / base human beings that are not far above the animal species, in both behaviour and characteristics (meaning, their awareness is limited or restricted to the Physical Realm), and so on… Each full cycle of Yugas is termed a Mahayuga, which lasts for 24,000 years – starting from Satya down to Kali, then back up to Satya again. Thus, human evolution, in the current Mahayuga, has likely occurred for the past 15,004 yrs (by 2016) – out of the 230,000 yrs, or so, that modern “humans” have existed here.

Indeed, according to the Holy Masters, we’ve just ended (in 2012) the +Dark Age /Kali Yuga of ‘strife & seeking’, that began around 988BCE, with the start of the Iron Age. So… the new period we’ve now begun is the +Bronze Age / Dwarpar Yuga that started from 2012CE, following a global shift in spiritual energy (+ / upward). Incidentally, the reason why scientists haven’t yet discovered direct evidence of these great cycles (Yugas) is because much of the physical evidence of their existence has been lost to the natural planetary catastrophes that have occurred, from time to time, throughout the past 50 million years. Indeed, these natural catastrophes have resulted in the global destruction of much of our planet’s surface, which largely wiped out most life forms, and almost all signs of previous human-like civilisations. Today, only very little, but extremely significant, archaeological and geological evidence exists, to reveal all this to us – though most scientists simply ignore them, at present, as they are treated as so-called anomalies that cannot be explained by current science. But this is a contentious subject for another day, so I won’t elaborate upon it now. However, for those interested in this important subject, of, forgotten ancient ‘human’ existences, they can read an interesting book, by Michael Cremo & Richard Thompson, entitled, The Hidden History of the Human Race: The Condensed Edition of “Forbidden Archeology”, first published in 1993. In this ground-breaking book the authors explain about the apparent great antiquity of humankind, using scientific principles and clear archaeological evidence, though they leave the final conclusions and implications of these discoveries to the reader. Similarly, regarding the scientific origins of modern humanity, one should read another interesting book, by Lloyd Pye, entitled, Everything You Know Is Wrong!, first published in 1998. He is a paranormal scientist and author, who discovered the now famous ‘Starchild’ skull, in 1997 Texas, USA – a relic from ancient humanity, which led him to research about the true origins of modern humans, with astonishing, and very controversial, findings.

(Taken from the book entitled ‘The Sacred Truth of God, Life & Creation’ written & compiled by ‘The Monk With No Name’. Page 70.)

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