The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


We currently host two kinds of gatherings, where seekers of the high truth of God, Life & Creation can be amongst others like them. They are titled as – Spiritual Discourses (Satsangs) that offer sincere seekers of spiritual truth, from any background, direct access to high spiritual truth itself, via enlightened speakers, as taught, though forgotten, by the Holy Masters, Perfect Saints or Divine Prophets of the past & present – as well as offering a Spiritual Support Group service that provides real support for everyday living as a true seeker or practitioner of the “Holy Truth” (also known as Sant Mat or Quan Yin, etc.). See below for further details…

Satsang (Spiritual Discourse)

What Is A ISTAuk Satsang?

The word Satsang is a Hindi word derived from Sanskrit. Sat (Sanskrit) = true and Sangha (Sanskrit) = company / association. Meaning a group of people who come together to listen to a spiritual activity – the ‘Truth of the Day’.

Why Attend A ISTAuk Satsang?

  • They provides Satsangis (seekers of the Truth) with an opportunity to maintain being engaged in matters of a higher spiritual nature.
  • You are immersed an environment where you can discover the deeper meaning of life.
  • You get to hear spiritual discourses and have an opportunity to ask questions – which may seem strange to most people.
  • During the break you can talk with other Satsangis and /or develop friendships.
  • You are provided with a safe space to get to know who you truly are.
  • For those who are not yet following a Vegan diet, you will have the opportunity to taste our lovingly prepared Vegan food. 

Support Group 

What Is The ISTAuk Support Group?

The ISTAuk™ Support Group is an informal gathering of like-minded people who wish to meet up to discuss spiritual matters, share information or get support. At these meetings, one may either just listen to the discussion of the day or participate with questions, views or share experiences. It is very relaxed, and simply provides an opportunity to just listen to what others have to say on spiritual matters, or participate as one wishes, or even to sit back and observe. Indeed, visitors are most welcome to also put forward discussion ideas – though each meeting is usually themed to discuss a particular topic area, after which, however, an open discussion is most welcomed. Meetings usually last no more than two hours and are held in the evenings only.

Why Attend The ISTAuk Support Group?

In day to day life you may come across situations that require deeper or more meaningful explanation, or may have thoughts or ponder about spiritual concepts, or simply need moral support, etc. – all centred around your spiritual development. The ISTAuk ™ Support Group is the place where you can openly talk about these matters and hopefully received answers to your queries with examples. Thus, if you have a spiritual question, you will surely get answers, and even if you think your questions are silly, or you are at the very early stages of your spiritual growth and so feel that you don’t know much, then you can rest assure that someone else is thinking about your question or is a newbie just like you. Similarly, if you want support, someone is always willing to offer it. Hence, everyone is welcome!

Here are some past themes we have particpated at the ISTAuk™ Support Group;

  1. Reflecting on your spiritual growth so far.
  2. Resources that have assisted your spiritual development.
  3. Home life & spirituality – How spiritual are you at home?
  4. Work & spirituality – How spiritual are you at work?
  5. Calm your busy mind – mindfulness breathing techniques.
  6. How to know you are making progress on your spiritual development.
  7. How to cope with negative poeple & situations in life?
  8. How to deal with awkward situations, failure or loss?
  9. Tips to aid faster spiritual progress in this lifetime.

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