The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~


The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~

Satsang (Spiritual Discourse)

Satsang (Spiritual Discourse)

About ISTAuk Satsangs

The monthly Satsangs are designed as a course of spiritual teachings which are spread throughout the year. Thus, there are 12 in total, one for each month. As the months go by they become more advanced and build upon the previous Satsangs. These Satsangs will be repeated throughout the years but will be modified as new revelations appear, and humanity changes/evolves.

It is not necessary to attend all Satsangs in the order they are presented, but it is highly recommended to do so. Although they can easily stand on their own, and offer great insights to support your spiritual journey, they build upon each other to provide a complete teaching. They reveal the full truth as it actually is, rather than as the unenlightened perceive it to be. Therefore, they are often controversial or deeply revealing that may initially stun seekers of high spiritual truth.

From the format stated below you will notice that there are two sittings, one for the disciples of a living Holy Master and one for non-disciples (enquirers or seekers of spiritual truth). The disciples can attend both Satsangs (discourses) while non-disciples can only attend the General Satsang (discourse). If you are interested in attending one of our Satsangs please contact us via email/phone.

We also offer all attendees the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 meeting with the enlightened speaker of the day. This is on a first come first served basis – numbers are limited.

A short meditation practice session is offered at the end of the day to those disciples of a living Holy Master, as well as for those who are new to spiritual practice.

Who Are ISTAuk Satsangs For?

These Satsangs (discourses) are for all sincere seekers of spiritual truth, no matter what Path one currently follows. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to learn the real Truth about spirituality, God and human life, as well as to have your spiritual questions answered by an enlightened speaker, while spending quality time amongst like-minded people who also seek the same ‘high’ Truth.

Where & When Do We Meet?

Satsangs are held on the first or second Sunday of every month at the ISTAuk™ Centre, in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK, among other locations to be launched soon… 

Satsang Day Schedule

9.30am   – Centre opens
10.30am – General Satsang
11.30am – Q & A Session
12.00pm – Lunch & Personal Meetings
1.00pm    – Advanced Satsang
1.30pm    – Q & A Session
2.00pm    – Personal Meetings
2.30pm    – 2 x Meditation Practices (General & Advanced)
3.30pm    – Departure
4.00pm    – Centre closes

* Please note times may vary depending on the length of Satsang
and depth / numbers of questions asked.

What Can I Expect?

There are two sittings, one for the disciples of a living Holy Master and one for non-disciples. The disciples can attend both Satsangs (discourses) while non-disciples can only attend the General Satsang (discourse). 

Also, If you would like a personal meeting with the enlightened speaker (to discuss any personal or confidential matter concerning spirituality) this will be conducted on a first come, first served basis. Over a period of time preference will be given to new-comers.

As we aim to make your visit to the ISTAuk™ Centre as comfortable as possible, please feel free to bring your own cushions or other comfort requirements with you, though there will be both chairs and/or floor cushions provided, as per preference. A simple snack (hot & cold) will be available during the interval period between Satsangs (discourses). Tea, Juice or Water will also be available upon arrival, during the snack break, and at the end of the meeting, for those who need it. Toilet facilities are available too, as are books to read in our cosy private spiritual library. No children under 16 years old or any pets are allowed to attend. All visitors must arrive and be seated by 10.15am and/or 12.45pm respectively.

A few courtesy visiting rules will be provided, on paper, for visitors to follow. We request that you please adhere to them in mark of respect for other visitors and the volunteer staff. No smoking, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or animal based foods or drinks are allowed on the premises. Thank you for your co-operation.

(Satsang at ISTAuk™ Centre)

(Satsang hall at ISTAuk™ Centre)

(Satsang hall at ISTAuk™ Centre)

Proposed Monthly Satsang Dates & Themes

General Satsang 

3rd January 2021 What is True Spirituality? (Spirituality V Religion, Philosophy & Science – The Soul, Mind & Body)
7th February 2021 – The Truth about God, Life & Creation (The Nature of God & The Realms of Existence)
7th March 2021 – The True Purpose of Human Life (The Truth about Self and God Realisation)
4th April 2021 – Why Seek Spiritual Truth? (Spiritual Enlightenment V A Material Knowledgeable Way of Life)
2nd May 2021 – What is Death & the Afterlife? (The Karmic Court of Justice)
6th June 2021 – What is True Salvation? (The Role of Spiritual Awakening (Holy Initiation) V Religious Rituals)
4th July 2021 – The Role of the Holy Masters (The Real Truth about the Famed Holy Visitors, Past & Present)
1st August 2021 – The Truth about the Mind (The Concept of Free Will/Choices – Our Human Predicament)
5th September 2021 – The Role of Pious Living, Karma & Ethics (Dharma – Household Life V Renunciation)
3rd October 2021  – Communicating with the Divine (The Importance of Holy Meditation & Prayer)
7th November 2021 – Becoming a Disciple of the Holy Truth (Reuniting the Soul with it’s True Lord)
5th December 2021 – Spirituality while Living in the World (The Role of Grace & Spiritual Merit)

Advanced Satsang

3rd January 2021 – The Importance of Spiritual Practice (The Holy Duties of a Disciple/Initiate)
7th February 2021 – Living in God’s Will (Keeping the Objective in Focus & Karma-free Living)
7th March 2021 – The Obstacles to Spiritual Progress (Overcoming the Negative Mind, Body & Senses)
4th April 2021 – The Importance of Right Attitude (Forgiveness, Compassion/Kindness, Gratitude, Non-judgement & Seva)
2nd May 2021 – The Importance of Holy Simran & Spiritual Contemplation (Building the Connection with the Divine)
6th June 2021 – Effective Light & Sound Meditation (The Importance of Connecting with the Inner Shabad)
4th July 2021 – Communicating with the Inner Master (Spiritual Telepathy)
1st August 2021 – The Inner Journey to The Kingdom of God (Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment & Higher Truth)
5th September 2021 – Living an Enchanted Life of Magic & Wonder (The Physical Benefits of True Faith & Devotion)
3rd October 2021 – The Role of Seva, Sangat & Satsang (Keeping the Momentum of Progress)
7th November 2021 – Measuring One’s Spiritual Progress (Recognising the Signs)

5th December 2021 – Attaining the Holy Truth in One Lifetime (Fast-track guide to Full Realisation)

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