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The International Spiritual Truth Association

~ Serving Humanity Through Spirituality ~

Support Group

About ISTAuk Support

Designed for like-minded spiritual people to meet each month and discuss a range of spiritually related topics. It is very relaxed and informal, and respect is given to all who are at different stages of their spiritual development/Truth seeking. The group decides what is to be discussed and how much information they want to share. No-one is forced to speak, but are gently encouraged to do so as it allows others to help if they can.

Why Have An ISTAuk Support Group?

The ISTAuk™ Support Group was initiated by those who attend the Satsangs. People felt that it would be beneficial to devote more time to spiritual matters in an informal and relaxed manner. Everyone has the opportunity to share with others information which supports spiritual growth.

Who Is The ISTAuk Support Group For?

This group is for those who want to be amongst others who are seeking real spiritual Truth. Topics include, why we are here?, what is the purpose of life?, and how to live a spiritual way of life in the modern world. If you crave a space where you can ask questions (freely) to others who will ‘Get You’, and may have gone through what you are going through now, you will find that need fulfilled here.

Does this sound like you?… You are amongst people and still feel alone; you feel disconnected from life; you just feel different and want answers to something you are not even sure about. If you resonate with these common feelings, than this group could be the key to you finding out more about You, Life and Existence itself.

When Do We Meet?

The Support Group will meet March to July, 7.00pm – 9.00pm at the ISTAuk™ Centre, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK.

However, each date is agreed by the group before they meet, in order for each one’s needs to best be met.

What Can I Expect?

  • Like our Satsangs we aim to make your visit to the ISTAuk™ Centre as comfortable as possible. 
  • We hold monthly meetings to facilitate one’s spiritual progress, via offering the following: relaxation/meditation session, Spiritual Q&A session (with answers provided by a genuinely enlightened being), watching spiritually-themed films, discussions around agreed topics, vegan/plant based raw food demonstrations, and sharing concerns/receiving non-judgmental support from others.
  • We have a cosy room to meet in, refreshments are offered and toilet facilities are available. You can participate as you wish.
  • So far attendees have given £1 occasionally when they visit – this money is put into the group’s petty cash box and used to purchase items such as teas, milk , sugar, etc. The group is a separate entity from the Satsang meetings as it is run by the people who attend, rather than ISTAuk™ officials.

* If you are interested in attending one of our Support Group meetings please contact us via email / phone.

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